Geocachers around the world solve multi‑caches using Geocaching Buddy, the app that recalculates waypoint formulas based on discovered clues.



Keep track of every clue that you find. Additional calculators help you convert text or roman numbers.


Enter waypoint formulas, and the location is automatically resolved from the entered clues.


Navigate to a waypoint from within the app, or alternatively open an external navigation app.


Using online services, search for geocaches in the neighborhood, in a city or using their geocache-code. + Opencaching

Download caches from and various opencaching sites for paperless caching.

Edit on PC

Edit your waypoint formula's using your computer, so you can easily copy/paste and type using your PC keyboard.

People love it

Brilliant app!

This app is perfect for all multi caches and many puzzle caches. It is easy to use and makes life much easier.I used to use a scap of paper and switch between the clue and calculator and made the odd mistake as well. This app solves everything. I tested it yesterday and it worked like a dream. Anyone who likes multicaches should have it. Well worth the money!!!


Use regularly

I use this app a lot, it makes getting the maths right, at the end of a long day of caching, much easier. It has save me heaps of mucking around. Thanks for making it :)

Scottie Monster

Excellent App, Clearly Written by a Geocacher

Like the author's other geocaching app, Geocaching Toolkit, this one really fills a need that other programs don't seem to have... In short, you can tell this was written by a geocacher. I've given this five stars, not only because it is an excellent app..., but also for the responsiveness of the author. He is open to suggestion and has answered all email in a very timely fashion. Most appreciated.


Einfach super

Die erste APP die eine Brücke zwischen geocaching und opencaching schlägt. Selbst nach drei vollständig geladenen Caches, kann die vollständige Beschreibung aller weiteren Caches, mit einem Klick direkt von der Webseite abgelesen werden. Der programmierte Rätsellöser ist ebenfalls Top und wurde bereits auch von einem geocaching-APP-User bei mir bestaunt. Klasse, weiter so.

By odiss



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Wim Verhoef

Experienced iOS Developer since 2008. Geocacher by heart. Found over 500 multi‑caches. Teamname is BtSt (Been there, Seen that...)

Jolanda Verhoef

Experienced Android Developer since 2009. Casual geocacher.

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